SINOTRUK 2012 annual profit distribution plan

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               SINOTRUK 2012 annual profit distribution plan

      By PWC zhongtian certified public accountants co., LTD., the audit, the company 2012 annual net profit of 2012.64 yuan, attributable width=100% style=\\\\\\\'width:100%;\\\\\\\' to the parent company of the owner's net profit of 46473329.75 yuan.Parent company net profit for 104765843.76 yuan for 2012.

      In accordance with the company law of the People's Republic of China and the articles of association of the SINOTRUK, considering the shareholders and the company long-term development needs, the board of directors of the company submitted to the shareholders meeting 2012 annual profit distribution plan for:

      1, because of its parent company's cumulative extraction statutory surplus reserve for more than 50% of the registered capital, the company 2012 annual statutory surplus reserve and no longer arbitrary accumulation fund.

      2, by the end of 2012, a total of 419425500 shares of base for every 10 shares distributing cash dividend of 0.3 yuan (including tax), don't send bonus, not with accumulation fund turn add equity, total distributing cash dividend is 12582765.00 yuan.

      Company independent director made independent advice that the bill in line with the company actual situation, is advantageous to the company development.

     The vote for all passed the bill need to submit to the shareholders meeting for consideration.

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