Please no wash the HOWO trucks After the rain ,avoid Rust

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 Speaking of rain, how many owners do not like it, except for unsafe driving, the rain also brought the car to maintain a lot of trouble. But in the face of continuous rain, it is best to wash the trucks in time to take a bath.
The reason is that the rain contains a variety of harmful substances, after being sucked sediment, acid rain, it is easy to corrosion paint. Further, attached to the vehicle body mudcontains a lot of invisible particles, and with the fluctuation of the vehicle body, these particles like sandpaper rubbing paint. So rain washing can better protect the paint.
Money is saved, but contains too much alkali detergent, easy in car paint and grease, it will make your car repeatedly suffer from "skin disease", accelerated aging.
Because of the rain acidic components of the car paint with a strong corrosive effect, therefore, the rain must first finish the beauty of the car once. In order to prevent damage tothe rain on the finish, simple and effective method is waxing, but in order to achieve long-lasting protective effect, but also should be sealed glaze.


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