XCMG  Side lifter

One side moving type
1.Rated load lifting capacity: 37t
2.Maximum span of supporting leg: 3200mm
3.Furthest Operating range: 4000mm(Lifting point from the center of lift)
4.The state of crane contracting
Max external contour height: ≤2625mm
Max external contour width: ≤2500mm
Max external contour thickness: ≤1010mm
5.Net weight: ≤7000kg
Main function: To complete the container loading and unloading operation
Performance Feature:
1)Power take off PTO;(Optional :Independent engine +USD 16,700,can work without tractor head)
2)Crane can move forward and backward; it only can work until the end of slipping, and it can load 20’ or 40’ container;
3) Operation manner is mainly wireless control, and retaining manual manipulation;
4) Synchronous control or asynchronous control, should be operated under the artificial observation;
5)Security control, Emergency stop;
6)Core components diesel engine, double flow pump, multi-way valve, remote control, etc.mainly import, use tractor power;
7) Overall nice, reliable performance, the manufacture is simple, easy to use, easy to maintenance.

                 Straight back framing
      Overall size :
            Length(mm):                  14100
            Weight(mm):                  2480
            Height(mm):                  ≤1510
           Max.Gross Weight(kg):               40000

  •     Curb weight(kg):                    7200

No load(kg):                        32800
Wheel number:                        3
       Wheel base (mm):                   8000+1350+1350
Axle weight(kg):                    -/24000(3 axles)
Max. Loading weight(kg)            16000
       ABS:                              YES
       Front/ rear suspension(mm):           -/2370
        Steel Spring Number (front/rear):     -/8/8/8
       Rear track(mm):                  1820/1820/1820
       Tires:                             13(spare tire one)
       Tire specification :                    11.00R20

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