Operation performance parameters Unit TWZ180
Work    range (W×H) maximum m 5×6
Work    range (W×H) minium m 3×2.9
Applicable    gallery nature   Soft soil, cobblestone,    weathered rock etc.
Outline    dimensions (L×W×H) m 7.5×2 ×2.4 
Machine    weight kg 18000
Power    supply voltage V 380
Total    installed power kW 90
Gradeability ° ±26
System    pressure MPa 28MPa
Digging    and loading means   Backhoe
Material    conveying capacity m³/h 120
Material    conveying means   Double-chain scraper/belt
Milling    and planing head power kW 45
Cutting    capacity of milling and planing head kN 17
Drillhole    diameter mm Φ27 -Φ42
Drilling    speed m/min 0.9~1.5
One-time    drilling depth m 2.1
Wet-spray    capacity m³/h 7m³/h
Maximum    concrete conveying distance (horizontal) m 200
Rated    working gas pressure MPa 0.5


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