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The Seventeenth Congress of the Communist Youth League of Ji'nan Municipality.

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       On the morning of October 24, the 17th National Congress of the Communist Youth League of Jinan opened in Shun Geng Hall. More than 500 representatives from all fields and levels of the city's work backbone, advanced models, production and work line attended the meeting. Wang Zhonglin, Secretary of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and the Municipal Party Committee, Sun Shutao, vice secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Su Shuwei, vice secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, attended the meeting at the invitation of Chen Bichang, Secretary of the League and Provincial Party Committee. SINOTRUK

       At the opening ceremony, Secretary Wang Zhonglin made an important speech, encouraging the broad masses of young people to firmly adhere to the ideals and beliefs of "revolutionary ideals are higher than the sky", to practice the superb skills of "green out of blue is better than blue", to bloom the youthful demeanor of "young heroes from ancient times", and to practice the earnest teachings of "buckle the first button".

       As a banner of Jinan's industrial front, China Heavy Auto Group organized 8 delegates including full-time, part-time cadres and front-line members to attend the meeting. Among them, Cao Jian, Deputy Secretary of the League Committee of China Heavy Auto Group, was elected as a member of the 17th Committee of the Communist Youth League and participated in the 1st Plenary Committee of the 17th Committee of Jinan Municipal Party Committee of the League. As a special representative, Wang Yongxue, the responsible technician of the shell reduction machining center of "National Youth Professional" Bridge Box Company, attended the opening ceremony.

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