Fire Drill In Science And Technology Mansion Of China Heavy Duty Truck Group

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       According to the provisions of the Fire Protection Law, in accordance with the requirements of the annual fire safety work plan of the Group Company, the fire safety management of science and technology buildings should be standardized and strengthened in order to improve the fire safety consciousness, self-rescue ability and self-protection consciousness of employees, so that when confronted with other special situations such as fire, safety can be achieved in the shortest time. Sinotruk Orderly evacuation of all personnel to minimize the loss of personnel and property caused by fire. The second fire safety evacuation drill in 2018 was held in the Science and Technology Building Park on November 9. The activity was sponsored by the Ministry of Safety and Environmental Protection of the Group Company, assisted by the Public Security Department of the Ministry of Comprehensive Administration, and actively participated by fire officers and volunteer firefighters from various units.
       Through the careful organization of various departments, the fire escape drill totaled 1480 people, lasted 11 minutes, refreshed the time record of the escape drill again, and all evacuated. The whole exercise was well organized without any pushing or stampeding accidents. Finally, Sun Zhaofu, general manager of the Ministry of Safety and Environmental Protection, summarized the activity, fully affirmed the significance of the fire drill, and emphasized the awareness of fire safety to all employees.
This fire escape drill has effectively improved the ability of workers to escape and rescue themselves in case of fire, enabled them to understand the functions of fire passages, fire elevators, refuge floors and other facilities in high-rise buildings, and initially grasped the escape skills in high-rise fires. Further eliminate the weaknesses, difficulties and loopholes in daily management, and create a good fire safety environment for the company's production, operation and reform and development.

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