100 days! All Units Of CNHTC Corporation Act Swiftly

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       In September 5th, CNHTC  held a labor mobilization competition conference to "go all out for 100 days to go beyond the budget". Tan Xuguang, Secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the board of directors of China Heavy Auto Group, made a mobilization speech and made a comprehensive arrangement for the work before the end of the year. All the cadres and staff were required to work hard and work hard to exceed the budget and exceed the annual task target, laying a solid foundation for the further development of China Heavy Auto in 2019 and beyond.

       After the meeting, the organs of China Heavy Auto Group and other secondary units quickly conveyed and earnestly studied the spirit of Chairman Tan Xuguang's speech at the labor competition mobilization meeting of "100 days of hard work to exceed the budget".

       The majority of cadres and workers deeply realize that the start of the labor competition is the unswerving support and implementation of the decision of Jinan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to adjust the leadership of China Heavy Auto Group, the implementation of the new leadership made by the "four unswerving" and "six must be realized" decision-making arrangements, and the continuous creation of China Heavy Auto. Another important move to carry out the new situation.

       A strong atmosphere has been formed, and all units have said that they should study and comprehend the spirit of comprehending conscientiously. All cadres and workers should unify their thoughts and actions in time to the various arrangements of the Party Committee of the group company, seize opportunities and take advantage of the momentum to attack the main business without hesitation. One day should be used for two and a half days, work hard for 100 days, and strive to exceed the budget. And create new achievements of enterprises.

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